Pre-Conference 2010
Pre-Conference Activities

Self Paced Technology Development Activities 

Developed by the Teaching and Learning Centre at Bow Valley College, participants were provided with an opportunity to explore four free learning technologies: 
  • Audacity (Create an audio recording) 
  • Jing (Create a screen recording) 
  • FS Capture (Capture an image on your computer) 
  • Xtranormal (Create an animated video)
Each self-paced learning activity takes between 30-40 minutes to complete. The focus of each activity is to:
  • create awareness of free learning technologies 
  • provide an opportunity to practice using a new technology 
  • identify how technology can be used to engage students
Please access the learning activities by clicking on Self-paced Technology Development Activities 

Google Discussion Group

Participants warmed up for the conference by joining the discussion ...
Check out any or all of the following discussion groups by following the link above:
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