Keynote: Ruth Clark

Dr. Ruth Colvin Clark

  • Evidence-based Methods for Digital Learning Environments (Opening Keynote) 

For over 30 years Ruth Clark has helped workforce learning practitioners apply evidence-based training guidelines to design and development of classroom and e-learning instruction. Ruth has developed a number of seminars and written 7 books that translate important research programs into practical training guidance. (See left column.)

A science undergraduate, Ruth completed her doctorate in Instructional Psychology/ Educational Technology in 1988 at the University of Southern California. Ruth is a Past President of the International Society of Performance Improvement and a member of the American Educational Research Association. Ruth was honored with the 2006 Thomas F. Gilbert Distinguished Professional Achievement Award by the International Society for Performance Improvement and was a Training Legend Speaker at the ASTD 2007 International Conference. Ruth is currently a dual resident of Southwest Colorado and Phoenix Arizona and divides her professional time among speaking, teaching, and writing.

Free articles by Dr Clark and a summary of her products and services can be found at her web site at