Keynote: Carmen Taran

Dr. Carmen Taran

  • Survival of the Prettiest: Virtual Training in the Age of Aesthetics (Pre-Conference Keynote)
Carmen Taran has a doctorate degree in Instructional Technology and Distance Education. She has helped companies revolutionize distance learning technology and computer-based education, taking into consideration modern economic factors. A co-founder at Rexi Media, Dr Taran’s focus is on communication and experience design, applied in face-to-face, virtual, or on-demand training settings.

A published author, she has kept audiences alert and entertained in the United States, Canada, Taiwan, China, and Japan.

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  • Better Beginnings: How to Capture your Audience in 30 Seconds
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  • Presentation Skills
  • Virtual Presentation Skills
  • Visual Thinking
  • Persuasive Voice
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