Presentation Proposals
If you have a best practice, in place or soon to be, let the upgrading online and adult education communities know about it.  Present at the conference.  We are currently looking for speakers.

Webinar Notes:

  • Webinars should focus on best practices in online adult education.  Webinars dealing with adult upgrading would be beneficial.
  • The Host will provide a moderator to introduce speaker(s).
  • Adobe Connect and Elluminate will be the webinar conferencing solutions.
  • Webinars will include whiteboards, chat, polls and file share.  Audio will be for presenter and moderator only.  Audience members will not be able to be promoted to presenters.
  • A meeting room will be assigned an URL sent to those webinars that are accepted for this conference. Presenters will have access to the room days prior to the presentation to upload their powerpoints, upload other files, and construct polls.
  • A question period at the end of the webinar is highly recommended.

To submit a presentation proposal:
  1. Fill out the attached presentation proposal form with your personal information and a brief content outline.
                Presentation Proposal  Word    PDF
  1. Email or Fax (780-644-5819) the completed form by February 18, 2011 to Diane Hendrickson, Upgrading Online Instructional Assistant at NorQuest College.
If the presentation is approved, the conference hosts will contact you by phone or email to let you know.

Thanks.  We are excited to share with the upgrading online communities.

Possible Presentation Themes

Best practices in development, administration, teaching, learning include:
  • challenges opportunities
  • new initiatives
  • student engagement
  • student completion and retention
  • collaborative development
  • rapid e-learning development
  • development or collaboration software
  • online assessment
  • and more . . .