Webinar 100 - Survival of the Prettiest: Virtual Training in the Age of Aesthetics
Friday, March 25, 2011
10:30 am -11:45 am MST, Adobe Connect
Pre-Conference Keynote presentation by Dr. Carmen Taran

Have you noticed that we are asking for beauty and sophisticated style and more sensory pleasures in almost everything we do and drive, and click on, and look at?  We want everything to look good. Many businesses are now appealing to customers by announcing a balanced combination of performance, quality, low cost and … beauty. Quite often, in a crowded and competitive marketplace, aesthetics is the way to stand out.

The preference for style has transferred to the education and training field as well. Ever since the release of the iMac and Apple’s impact in the industry, computing  and mobile education have been enjoying more aesthetics, as seen in the way users interact with interfaces, perceived usability, and frequency of use.

Modern students are starting to demand virtual training that is a combination of art, entertainment, training, and process control. If you wish to have power and advantage in what you do, it is time to value beauty and incorporate it into your instructional products, educational services, even your grant proposals or budget requests. 

Attend this incisive, provocative, and witty keynote, so you can:

§  Design virtual training that attract students because of both style and substance.

§     Use aesthetic principles, such as symmetry, harmony, lines, shapes, texture, and vivid color to enrich digital educational systems.

§ Differentiate yourself from others by providing outstanding and memorable sensory pleasure with your services and products.

Don’t miss the opportunity to stimulate your thinking and start looking at virtual education in fresh ways. The advice springs from a variety of practical examples and fields such as art, emotion, visualization, programming, and interface design. Whether you are a professor, corporate trainer, or researcher in the academia, whether you develop or deliver instructional products and services, at the end of this speech, you will never look at digital education the same away again. When your students take a look at your products or courses, they will not say "good course", but rather exclaim "I loved that!"