Pre-Conference - 2011
The Pre-Conference Has Begun

Workshops have opened.  Participants who registered will have received invites to get started.  On Friday, March 25, 2011, participants will have the chance to share their work.

Everyone can and should attend Dr. Carman Taran's Keynote.  See below.  Be sure to add your name and ideas to the Upgrading Online Exhibit which has opened.  Take the time to contribute to the Discussion Groups listed below.

As a build up to the conference, the following pre-conference activities should generate discussion before, during and after the conference.  As a community of practice, these activities form a great place to share and learn from each other.

Pre-Conference Keynote

Dr. Carmen Taran has returned to speak about incorporating 'aesthetic principles' into designing instructional materials that engage students with 'style and substance.'  Her presentation will motivate you to re-think your designs.

Friday, March 25, 2011
10:30 am -11:45 am MDT


The Teaching and Learning Centre is proud to offer workshops on technology tools to be used online. These workshops, broken into 3 steps, allow online practitioners to hone their skills in areas central to developing and teaching online.  Participants who complete all three steps in a workshop will receive a certificate recognizing their work.

Registrations for the pre-conference workshops is now closed.  Registered participants can use the links in their confirmation email to access the workshop.  To view the content, anyone can use the links below.

1. Wiki Wonderland
2. Ride the YouTube
3. My Docs Have Been Googled!

Upgrading Online Learning Exhibit

As a developing community of practice, upgrading online needs to share information among members.  To this effect, we have created an Upgrading Online Learning Exhibit, in which conference participants can share information and showcase online work.  The exhibit includes:
  • a contact directory
  • an online program listing
  • an online tools directory
  • a showcase site
To contribute, you need to become an Upgrading Online Community Member. All registrants for the pre-conference and conference are automatically upgrading online members.  If you haven't already, register or email us.

Then, open the exhibit directory online spreadsheet. Only community members with the link can edit the document.  This directory will be made available only to Upgrading Online Community Members.

Next, visit each of the exhibit areas by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.  Then, add information about your organization and yourself that you would like to share.  For the showcase, be sure to add links to online stuff that you think other members should see.

Take the time to share. As "the best practice", sharing leads to expanded thinking and collaboration opportunities.

Discussion Groups

What would a pre-conference be without discussion groups.  Visit the Upgrading Online Conference Google Group.  Be sure to make at least one post and one reply.  Subscribe to receive posts as email.

To get started, you will need to sign in with your existing GMail account.  If you do not have one, create one.

These discussions are open now.  At the end of Friday, March 25, moderators will post and share a summary of discussions to this point.  The groups will remain open to keep this community of best practices talking.