Upgrading Online Conference 2011
Conference Has Finished Successfully

The closing keynote, by Stephen Downes, was a resounding note to end the conference.  However, his discussion of open learning is sure to keep community members talking well beyond the conference.  Equally, Carmen Taran's and Ruth Clark's keynote will have us re-examining our presentations and the aesthetics of our visual materials.  The webinars from community college instructors have already prompted future sharing.

Thanks to the staff at NorQuest and Bow Valley College for organizing this event and making it open. Thanks to the participants for making this a community event.  Feedback about this event and suggestions for next year are appreciated.

Carmen Taran and the Aesthetics of Instructional Materials

Carmen Taran from Rexi Media will present once again at our Upgrading Online Conference.  This year, her presentation "Survival of the Prettiest" will be sure to make us take another look at the instructional materials we make and pass on to students.

Ruth Clark and Stephen Downes to Present

Dr. Ruth Colvin Clark of clarktraining.com has agreed to present on
 "Evidence-based e-Learning for Digital Learning" as the opening keynote for this year's conference.  Equally exciting, Stephen Downes, Senior Researcher with the National Research Council of Canada, has also agreed to present on "The Role of  Open Educational Resources in Personal Learning"  as the closing keynote.  These two speakers, known for their subject-matter expertise and their dynamic presentations, are sure to offer this year's conference some important insights.

A Community of Practice

The purpose of this professional development conference remains to create a community of practice among online practitioners. The conference serves as a spring board for future conversations and partnership opportunities.