Mauri Loyer - Bow Valley College

Speaker bio

Mauri Loyer has worked at Bow Valley College in total for over 12 years. During that time she has worked to advance nursing education at Bow Valley College in three specific ways. First, she has completed her masters degree in Health Studies with a leadership focus. This knowledge she has put into effective use as a quiet leader for changes within the department using diplomacy and excellent listening skills to problem solve issues. Second, she has been part of the professional development team at Bow Valley College – facilitating instructional workshops for faculty in all departments.  Thirdly, she has mentored instructors in the practical nurse program both formally through the college wide mentoring project, as well as being an informal mentor for many new faculty.

Session information:

Academic Dishonesty and Learning Environments

Join this interactive exploration of James Lang’s book Cheating Lessons: Learning From Academic Dishonesty where Lang juxtaposes the academic integrity/academic dishonesty behaviors with effective/ineffective learning environments.Participants can expect to discuss the major themes of the book in the context of online education.

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