Mark Elliott - Keyano College
Speaker bio

Dr. Mark Elliott is a Learning and Development Specialist in educational technology, instructional design, and faculty development at Keyano College. His work in instructional design has received an international award and trained over 20,000 learners. Dr. Elliott’s most recent project is estimated to provide training for 100,000 learners every year and generate cost savings of over $50 million. He has taught adult learners in multiple disciplines for over ten years and has earned numerous awards in innovative instruction. As a consultant, Dr. Elliott has also provided leadership, learning, and technology solutions for the private and public sector. He has a Doctorate in Educational Leadership with a Specialization in Educational Technology, Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies, and an Honours Baccalaureate degree in English. 

Session information:

Factors that Impede Online Learning and Solutions

Join this discussion on unsuccessful online learning initiatives and the detrimental impact on leaders, instructors, and learners. Participants can expect to be able to identify underlying factors that impede online learning and formulate solutions that increase the success of online learning. 

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