Leslie Sayer - NorQuest College
Speaker bio

Leslie Sayer is currently the Associate Chair for Academic Upgrading at NorQuest College providing instructional and technology support to faculty.  

Leslie Sayer's 14 years of instructional experience includes teaching high school science courses to face-to-face, online and asynchronous students at NorQuest College. While creating online resources for math classesLeslie developed a taste for video production and produced a promotional video for online synchronous and asynchronous students.

Session information:

Creating Learning Objects in Moodle: What Works and What Doesn't Work

It would be unusual to find a high school or post-secondary institution that didn’t use some form of Learning Management System (LMS) to augment a course, or to even host the entire course. NorQuest College has recently switched its LMS to Moodle which has given their instructors the opportunity to create learning objects unique to the online environment. .In this presentation, Leslie will share some of his thoughts on what has worked over the past year while teaching Chemistry 30 since implementing new learning objects for his students to access via Moodle. Also, what has not worked, and will encourage attendees to share their ideas of what might work, or has worked in the past.

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