Chris Appleton - University of Calgary

Speaker bio:

Chris Appleton has worked in adult and online learning for over 15 years, starting in 1999 as an Online Program Coordinator in Distance Education with Cape Breton University, where he facilitated all aspects of online course delivery - from developing new courses, training faculty, and providing crucial learning support to students and instructors during the run of courses. In 2006, Chris joined the University of Calgary as e-Learning Specialist for Continuing Education, working with staff, instructors and students to develop and deliver high quality online learning opportunities in many different subject areas. Joining Shaw Communications in 2012 as the Manager of Instructional Design & Development for the Shaw Learning Network, his team were responsible for the design and development of corporate training solutions for all areas of the company nation-wide, using the latest training technologies and instructional methodologies. Currently, Chris is an online instructor with the University of Calgary’s Continuing Education department, in the areas of online adult learning and professional writing. Chris possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Cape Breton University, as well as a Masters in Educational Technology from the University of Calgary. His graduate research work included digital game-based learning and implementing online simulations in education.

Session information:

Adaptable Online Learning Environments

Join this exploration of developing learner-centred, engaging, adaptable online learning environments. This requires catering to a wide range of adult learners, their learning styles, preferences, and reasons for pursuing their educational goals. The optimal approach: a solution which can provide comprehensive learner support and employ multiple means of engagement for a diverse audience. This type of learning environment would adapt to meet the needs of the learner on the fly in both content delivery, facilitation and individual assessment. Adaptable learning environments are designed to undergo just-in-time transformations based on learner performance as learners work within the confines of the training solution. Participants can expect to discuss the application of adaptable learning environments in current teaching and learning and see a demonstration of an Asynchronous Adaptable Learning Mini-Module.

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