Conference 2013

Thanks very much to the community presenters who took time out from their busy lives and work schedules to share best practices.  Your presentations were memorable and certainly will promote future partnerships in curriculum development and professional development.  If you enjoyed a particular webinar, be sure to contact the presenter to continue a dialogue and generate ideas.

Thanks very much to the keynote speakers who shared with us their expertise, research and experience with best practices in our field.  These webinars form a springboard for our own leaps into forming our own best practices.  Be sure to engage these keynote speakers in further discussion as you move forward in online teaching, learning, development and administration.

Thanks to the many people at NorQuest and Bow Valley College who worked to tirelessly to make this event the success that it was.  Behind the scenes, many faculty and staff worked to build this site, market the conference, recruit speakers, moderate the webinars, set up PD Parties, promote the discussion group and much more. Without these people, the conference and this community of practice could be easily pushed to the side.

Special thanks to those of you who attended and participated.  Your comments make the webinars come alive.  Your participation in discussions on best practices, in the webinar, in the discussion group or in your PD Party, form the foundation of moving forward upgrading online.  You are the reason that this conference remains so important. Buy a book and write a blog.  Twitter like crazy.  Try out virtual meeting rooms.  Build an exam with blueprint guidelines.  Discover your fifth element and select graphics that work. 

Be sure to start a partnership project. Schedule a joint pd event.  Plan an exchange with a partner college, technical institute or community agency. Conduct applied research on best practices with a partner organization. The upgrading departments at Bow Valley College and NorQuest College are proud to have done so and continue to work in this positive and enabling direction.  We wish to include others.  We know we can do it better together.  We know that we need to do it together to make quality upgrading for our students possible.

Be sure to present next year on what you discover.  Tell others about the conference and its purpose in building a community of practice. Hope to see you all again next year.

It is Time to Party!

This year, we launched the PD party initiative.  Register as a PD Party.  Pick a theme, like Crazy Hats or Plugged In.  Attend as a group from a room at your organization.  Turn on the projector.  Volunteer someone to run the chat.  Turn up the speaker.  Break out the snacks.  No food fights. Most importantly, show off your team during the web party exchange on Thursday morning moment for the conference.

If you sign up as a PD Party, we'll even send you a customizable poster so you can generate excitement about your party. Be sure to register your PD Party for the workshops here.

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Community Presenters Have Been Chosen

Presenters from the upgrading online community have stepped forward to present on best practices.  Lois Henderson from NorQuest College will present on achieving English Language Arts outcome 5 online. Angela Viola from Lethbridge College will introduce us to gamification.  Roger Moore from  NorQuest College will take us from Socrates to Google using questioning. Carey Hilgartner and Lindsay Bonenfant from Bow Valley College will be presenting on Google Apps for Education and their uses.  Travis Seaman from Bow Valley College will be sharing best practices using Adobe Connect.. Nathaniel Ostashewski  from Athabasca University will be bring social media into the mix the authentic way.  Lee Murray from Bow Valley College will outline best practices in exam development and blueprinting for use by all instructors.

Be sure to register online for these engaging webinars.

Upgrading Online Conference 2013, May 30 - 31

Once again, Bow Valley College and NorQuest College, are pleased to launch a conference for upgrading online programs and their faculty and administration. The theme of our third annual conference remains "Best Practices in Upgrading Online". Best practices in "Instruction and Learning" and "Development or Administration", the conference's two sub-themes, will be presented and discussed in webinars over the two day event.

This year, the conference organizers are asking more directly for presentation ideas from you, the busy members of our community of practice.  In addition, we are extending our definition of upgrading to include certificate, diploma and applied degree programs and courses aimed at improving the certification and skills of adults inside and on the edge of the workplace.  After all, we work together for the same people.

Keynote Speakers 2013

Pre-Conference Keynote - Graphics for Learning

Join us May 29 at 10:30am to meet our pre-conference keynote speaker Chopeta Lyons.  A multimedia award winner, Chopeta Lyons will speak of the best ways to use graphics, text, audio, and practice in synchronous and asynchronous e-Learning.  Be sure to check out our pre-conference page for more details.

Keynote Speakers

This year's keynote speakers include international experts sure to provide best practices in various domains.  In media development and effective presentations, Carmen Simon
 from RexiMedia will surprise us with the "fifth element." Tony Bates, a world-reknown online learning researcher and consultant, will present "Nine Steps to Quality Online Learning".  Diploma Exam Managers, Tim Coates and Deanna Shostak will offer advice on writing effective exam questions for high school mathematics, science and English language arts.