Roger Moore - NorQuest College

Speaker bio:

Roger Moore is an award winning teacher/educator, who has engaged learners using face-to-face, hybrid and fully online course delivery at NorQuest College and the University of Alberta. In addition, he has been an educational developer, ISW trainer and worked internationally facilitating teacher training in Central America.

Session information:

Two by Two by Two: Terrific Online Teaching Tips to Connect the Learning

This interactive workshop will have us sharing our best teaching tips and strategies, as well as sampling Two by Two by Two Terrific Online Teaching Tips (4ToTT). These tips are learner-centered, collaborative and engaging. And they have been collected from our faculty colleagues.

We will follow the Tuesday’s Terrific Teaching Tips process where faculty share their best practices and tips with each other every Tuesday. New tips and strategies are collected from faculty, massaged and then emailed back to faculty to review, discuss, and use as needed. Through this practice, faculty learn from each other and celebrate their own expertise.

In this practice, faculty ‘learn with, from and because of each other’ which leads to better teaching and learning (Adams, 2012) and ‘(L)earning is viewed as social, dynamic, and rooted in the exchange of knowledge across organizational or disciplinary boundaries through communities of practice’ (Young, 2011). This cross-pollination will become a bi-institutional process to celebrate faculty expertise. Connect, learn, share and celebrate your expertise.


Adams, P. (2012). Developing possibilities and potentials: A mentorship journey.  Retrieved from developingpossibilitiesandpotentialsa mentoshipjourney.p

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