Mark Elliott - Keyano College

Speaker bio:

Dr. Mark Elliott is a Learning and Development Specialist at the Learning Innovation Division of Keyano College. In this role he works in areas such as program quality assurance, instructional design, educational technology, and faculty development. He has taught adult learners in multiple disciplines for over ten years and has received awards for innovative instruction. Mark has a Doctorate in Educational Leadership with a Specialization in Educational Technology, Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies, and an Honours Baccalaureate degree in English.

Session information:

The Case for Mobile Learning: faculty integration of  mobile devices to amplify teaching and learning

Mobile technology provides educators and students with unparalleled opportunities to improve the learning environment. In this session we will look at how educators have used mobile devices to address challenges and create solutions to enhance learning. We will also explore several simple techniques you can use to integrate mobile devices into your current practice. The session will conclude with an overview of the next generation of mobile technology and the implications it will have on the future of education.

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