Laura Slade - Bow Valley College
Speaker bio:

Laura Slade has worked as an instructor in the high school upgrading program at Bow Valley College (BVC) for the last two years, teaching science and biology classes in both the traditional classroom setting, and in the “Real Time OnLine” program.  During this time, Laura has enjoyed collaborating with the college’s teaching enhancement department on professional development sessions focusing on building a positive mindset in students.

Prior to her BVC career, Laura worked as a substitute teacher for the Calgary Board of Education, and has also worked in precious metal mining in the remote town of Platinum, Alaska.  Laura has a BSc and BEd from the University of Calgary, which included a one year exchange to a University in Sweden, where she developed a propensity for biking, and an aptitude for assembling Ikea furniture.

Session information:

Increasing student motivation and engagement by fostering a growth mindset community

In this session we will define both fixed and growth mindsets, discuss what impact a growth mindset could have on learner motivation and engagement, and describe some methods that can be used to foster a growth mindset in an online education course.

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