Bill Konrad - SPARKvue

Speaker bio:

Bill Konrad graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor’s degree in science and later earned a Master’s of Education degree from the University of Windsor. He taught secondary school science, mainly physics, in Chatham Ontario for 34 years. Near the end of his career Bill was able to equip his lab with computers and Pasco probeware. Since this technology was still fairly new to schools when he retired Bill immediately started working for the Canadian distributor of Pasco equipment in Canada and conducted demonstrations and training sessions in secondary and post-secondary schools across Canada. He has, on occasion, also conducted training sessions in the US when Pasco US found itself short-handed. In recent years advanced computer technology has permitted him to do less travelling and servicing customers by using webinars instead of personal visits. Professionally Bill has served as President of both the Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario and the Ontario Physics Teachers’ Association as well as acting as an author for one high school physics text and as a writer for the TV Ontario series “Concepts in Science”. 

Session information:

SPARKvue HD Software Demonstration

This session will demonstrate the software SPARKvue HD which is available free of charge for tablets such as iPads, chromebooks, and Android tablets. It is suggested that participants load this software on their tablet in advance of the conference. This will make it possible for them to see data that is generated by the presenter and they will see it in the same display as the presenter, i.e. table, graph, digits, meter. The presenter will start with a guided session in which participants will see the display but not be able to analyze it on their own. Then the demonstrator will give up control allowing each participant to do their own analysis as well as save the activity for future reference or to export data to a spreadsheet.

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