Presenters 2015

Presenters 2015

We are excited to have the following presenters at UO Conference 2015! Click on the presenters' names to see their biographies and contact information.

Bill Konrad

SPARKvue HD Software Demonstration
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This session will demonstrate the software SPARKvue HD which is available free of charge for tablets such as iPads, chromebooks, and Android tablets. It is suggested that participants load this software on their tablet in advance of the conference. This will make it possible for them to see data that is generated by the presenter and they will see it in the same display as the presenter, i.e. table, graph, digits, meter. The presenter will start with a guided session in which participants will see the display but not be able to analyze it on their own. Then the demonstrator will give up control allowing each participant to do their own analysis as well as save the activity for future reference or to export data to a spreadsheet.

Murray Ronaghan and JR Bow Valley College Feedback in English Language Arts (ELA) Courses
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Two ELA asynchronous online teachers will present on the importance of feedback and the results of their specific initiatives since the introduction of the D2L learning management system at Bow Valley College. The teachers have experimented with initial assessment tests and quizzes that present students with quick automatic canned responses and audio feedback. The session will focus on:
  • The research behind feedback
  • The benefits of quick automatic responses
  • The benefits of audio feedback

Laura Gibbs
University of Oklahoma

Twitter is my PLN (Personal Learning Network)
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This Twitter session covers the basics for new tweeters, and it should offer some items of interest for experienced users also! I'll be doing tweets, hashtags, networking, lists, search, widgets, and edu-chats, and I'll also share how I use Twitter as a communication channel for my classes. If there's time, we can talk about Twitter integration with other apps such as IFTTT, Inoreader, etc. Please bring your questions and ideas so we can share!

If you don't have a account, it would be good to set one up before the session.

Note: Kathryn Rockwell unfortunately had to cancel; Laura Gibbs has offered to do a session on the same topic at this time.

Katrina Mitchell NorQuest College Secured Communication with Students via and Embedding Visual Presentations in an LMS
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Add to your toolbox of connectivity options for both synchronous and asynchronous classes! In this edtech session there will be demos and practice time to use to send messages to your students and to embed visual presentations into an LMS. Be sure to bring your cell phone.

Laura Slade Bow Valley College Increasing student motivation and engagement by fostering a growth mindset community
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In this session we will define both fixed and growth mindsets, discuss what impact a growth mindset could have on learner motivation and engagement, and describe some methods that can be used to foster a growth mindset in an online education course. 
Mark Elliott Keyano College The Case for Mobile Learning: faculty integration of  mobile devices to amplify teaching
and learning
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Mobile technology provides educators and students with unparalleled opportunities to improve the learning environment. In this session we will look at how educators have used mobile devices to address challenges and create solutions to enhance learning. We will also explore several simple techniques you can use to integrate mobile devices into your current practice. The session will conclude with an overview of the next generation of mobile technology and the implications it will have on the future of education.
Roger Moore NorQuest College Two by Two by Two: Terrific Online Teaching Tips to Connect the Learning
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This interactive workshop will have us sharing our best teaching tips and strategies, as well as sampling Two by Two by Two Terrific Online Teaching Tips (4ToTT). These tips are learner-centered, collaborative and engaging. And they have been collected from our faculty colleagues.

We will follow the Tuesday’s Terrific Teaching Tips process where faculty share their best practices and tips with each other every Tuesday. New tips and strategies are collected from faculty, massaged and then emailed back to faculty to review, discuss, and use as needed. Through this practice, faculty learn from each other and celebrate their own expertise.

Tracy Topolnitsky NorQuest College Supporting the Foundational Online Learner
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Adult learners engaged in academic upgrading epitomize diversity with respects to academic skill, motivation, and ability. The needs of learners at the higher academic levels vary greatly from the needs of those at the lower levels. These varying abilities have enabled many institutions to successfully run online, high school level programing. The question remains however, can learners at lower academic levels succeed in online education? Learners with previously low academic achievement require specific support structures and interventions throughout their online learning experience. In this presentation I will share findings from NorQuest College’s applied research in supporting foundational level learners online along with current findings from students enrolled in NorQuest’s Foundations for Learning Program. These findings will demonstrate key structures that are necessary in order to support and retain successful online learners at the 7-9 levels.

The UO Conference aims to create a community of practice by bringing together adult educators in online education once a year for a free conference of engaging and inspirational sessions on best practices for online teaching, learning, curriculum development, and administration.

Presenters were invited to put together a session on a topic related to connected learning in online education based on their own experiences in: 
  • Mobile Technology – The Connected Classroom
  • Student-centred or Collaborative Learning
  • Open Educational Resources

Sessions will be 60 minutes and the UO Conference uses Adobe Connect. The proposal will ask you for the following information:
  • Presenter(s) name and contact information
  • Session category (as listed above)
  • Preferred time to present
  • Session description
  • Needed resources and planned activities
  • Special requirements
  • Permission to record the session

If you have any questions about the proposal, please contact Jennifer Kerwin at 780.644.6752 or

We have been asking for presentation topic ideas. Have some suggestions? Let us know: