Call for presenters

The UO Conference attracts participants in the online education community across Alberta and beyond. The audience is a mix of instructors, curriculum developers, program coordinators, course administrators, and educational assistants. 

Presenters are invited to put together a session on a topic related to online education based on their own experiences in teaching, development, or administration of adult online programs. We have a particular interest in hearing from those working in community colleges, yet we welcome everyone to get involved. Below are a few more details to help presenters.
  • We are seeking a wide variety of presenters in the online adult education community
  • All sessions will be run using Adobe Connect (familiarity with this software is not necessary)
  • You will connect with a session moderator in advance of your session to do a test run; the moderator will also provide technical support during the presentation
  • Sessions are 75 minutes long
  • You will need to provide us with your presentation template, a presentation synopsis, a bio, and a photo in advance 
We are currently looking for presenters. If you are interested in presenting, please fill out this form.

If you have questions about presenting at the 2014 conference, please contact
Lusine Harutyunyan, lharutyunyan@bowvalleycollege.ca403.410.1577.

Past Presenters

For bios and session descriptions for the 2013 presenters, please see the links below.

For bios and session descriptions for the 2011 presenters, please see the links below.

The 2010 presenters:
Murray Ronaghan
Russ Wilde
Andrew Jevne
Christie May
Xiaodong Yang
Roger Moore
Carey Hilgartner