Applied Research

Upgrading Online Applied Research

No longer an alternate delivery method, online learning requires applied research to keep moving forward in meeting the needs of adult upgrading students.  To promote this research, we have created this page to share applied research projects from the upgrading online community to share the findings, generate thinking, and encourage further applied research.

If you have or know of a relevant applied research project, let us know.  Share with us a link.  Tell the community about it.

Best Practices in Upgrading Online Research Project

Murray Ronaghan and Carey Hilgartner from Bow Valley College are conducting an applied research project on Best Practices in Upgrading Online. The research project will involve a literature review and interviews, resulting in a paper on best practices to serve as a starting point for sharing and implementing best practices.  

The Literature Review is complete and has been posted online.

Most importantly, this research project works in conjunction with the conference in creating a community of best practises, among online adult educators in Western Canada (and possibly beyond). In this aim, the project should encourage sharing, much like the conference, and capture those best practises that work. Ideally, this project will be ongoing, as best practices are at the core of what all online learning organizations strive to develop.

For more information, contact Murray Ronaghan at 403-355-1924.  Visit the conference discussion group to contribute more ideas.

Murray Ronaghan and Carey Hilgartner will be going on a tour after the conference to conduct interviews to complete the research project.  If you would be open to us stopping by us, be sure to contact us.

Best Practices in Instructor Presence Online Research Project

Murray Ronaghan is conducting and presenting research on best practices in Instructor Presence Online. Research will include a literature review, a partner college forum, online articles and presentations. During the conference, Murray invites you to participate in this project. Visit our blog. Join our discussion group.  Visit the project page for more details.

Best Practices in Exam Development Research Project

More details about this project to follow.